About Us


Our business began way back in 1980 by a true “mom and pop”couple who had the foresight and determination to bring high quality, low flow showerheads to the public.  Since those early days, Sun Cal Products has grown and developed an entire line of Solid Brass, quality shower heads and shower systems that are easy to install and are guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the product.

We began with our Jet Spray showerhead, which at the time was the lowest flow showerhead on the market. It featured a High Pressure, Pulsating and adjustable spray, with a shut off valve that no other manufacturer had incorporated into its designs.  To this product we began adding similar showerhead designs and grew our line to over 20 products available today.

We offer not only single showerheads, but all of our products can be customized to suit a customer’s needs.  Hand showers, HiLo extension arms, Dual Shower systems, and a full line of brand new to the market, Aroma Therapy showers.  These unique Aroma Showers feature several filtration systems and silver nitrate beads that completely remove 100% of free chlorine as well as bacteria, sediment and other water by-products.

We continue to bring to the public and our customers the best customer service available.  We have been members of the BBB for over 25 years and hold the highest rating possible for a company our size.  We offer several ways to purchase our products including live demonstrations at local Home and Garden shows as well as County and State Fairs all across the country.  Our full line of shower heads and accessories are also available on the Internet at www.sun-cal.com for your convenience.  We ship worldwide.

We are still a family owned and operated business with the philosophy that our customers got us here and we will do everything in our power to keep a strong customer relationship forever.  We look forward to serving you in the future.  Please stop by our booth at your local home show or fair and say HI.  We appreciate your input and your business.

Paul Moses